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LAZARUS™ + Throom®

It's Time to Rise!

Coming Summer 2024

A perfect collaboration of innovation, safety and exceptional quality from two trusted American Brands.

Throom® and LAZARUS™ Join Forces to Revolutionize Target Shooting with Innovative Remote Control Reset System

Throom® Targets and LAZARUS™ Target Systems, two industry innovators in the field of shooting sports, proudly announce their strategic partnership to develop an unparalleled remote control reset system for Throom®'s target systems. This cutting-edge collaboration combines the safety and excitement of Throom®'s ricochet-free targets with the technological innovation of LAZARUS™' lightweight and compact remote-control system.

Throom® Targets has long been recognized for its commitment to creating safe, highly reactive, and enjoyable shooting experiences. Throom®'s plate racks, known for their exceptional quality and durability, provide shooters with a unique and engaging target experience. The incorporation of Throom®'s ricochet-free technology ensures a safe shooting environment, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

LAZARUS™ Target Systems has gained a reputation for developing state-of-the-art remote control reset systems, setting new standards for convenience and efficiency in the shooting sports industry. Their lightweight and compact designs have redefined the possibilities for target resetting, providing shooters with an unprecedented level of control over their training sessions.

The collaboration between Throom® and LAZARUS™ marks the creation of a revolutionary remote control reset system designed explicitly for Throom® target systems. "This groundbreaking system will combine the safety features of Throom®'s targets with the technological advancements of LAZARUS™' remote-control technology, offering shooters an unmatched combination of safety, innovation, and reactive target movement," said Jacob Moser, CEO LAZARUS™ Target Systems.

Key features of the LAZARUS™ + Throom® System include:

Ricochet-Free Technology: Throom®'s signature feature ensures a safe shooting environment by minimizing the risk of bullet ricochets.

Lightweight and Compact Design: LAZARUS' remote control reset system is designed to be easily portable, allowing for convenient setup and transportation.

User-Friendly Remote Control: The LAZARUS remote control provides shooters with a simple and intuitive interface, allowing for seamless control of the target resetting process.

Exceptional Durability: Throom®'s plate racks, coupled with Lazarus' robust remote control reset system, create a durable and long-lasting solution for shooting enthusiasts.

The LAZARUS™ + Throom® System is set to be available for pre-order starting Summer 2024. "This collaboration represents the most innovative and advanced remote control reset system on the market, promising to elevate the shooting experience for gun owners of all levels," said Erin Mihalik, CEO Throom Targets. "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with LAZARUS™ Target Systems and plan to bring incredible new innovations to the firearms industry together."

About Lazarus Targets:

LAZARUS™ Target Systems is a pioneer in remote-control reset systems for shooting targets. Their lightweight and compact designs have set new standards for convenience and efficiency in the shooting sports industry, catering to the needs of both recreational shooters and professionals alike. Founded in 2021, LAZARUS™ Target Systems is family-owned and operated and initially set out to design compact reset systems for the .22 rifle and air rifle categories before quickly expanding into all levels of the shooting sports and firearm industries. LAZARUS™ is headquartered in the US with all manufacturing in Arizona.

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