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8" Round BOUNCEBACK® Series

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THROOM's 8" BOUNCEBACK® Series Target mounts on soft wood 2X4s, 2X3s and 1X6s. With each hit, the 8" BOUNCEBACK® Series snaps back and then bounces back to the upright position. There is no need to go down-range to reset this THROOM Target. The one-piece 8" target has a flexible hinge at the base made of SHOOT-THROO™, the same polymer material as the target, so bullets pass throo the target and the hinge. For an entirely different reaction, remove the bolts to knock the 8" BOUNCEBACK® Series Target completely off the stand.

Overall Dimensions

8" Diameter Target with 2" Attachment foot for BounceBack Base - 8" Target - 10" L x 8" W

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5 Star Ratings From Our Customers


“At the end of one of the classes, we had a shooting competition using the rack of Throom® targets. Major fun, and my first time using them”

Richard Berry

“Love the durability and versatility of the targets. The people of Throom® Targets are amazing as well!”

Matthew Justin

“Loving my Throom® targets. Took them for a test run and let my grandsons shoot them. They were a big hit. Going to order more. Even put an “eye” in the duck.”

Harold Carter