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THROOM Targets provides a thirty (30) day warranty on materials and workmanship for all target and target related items, components and services that we manufacture and supply. No on-site service is available for THROOM merchandise and equipment unless the cost is prepaid by the Buyer. THROOM’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing, at THROOM’s option, any defective non-consumable items and parts. Consumable parts that have been damaged and which are specifically excluded from this warranty, include but are not limited to such items as targets, target bases, target-related items, bolts, or any item hit with direct or indirect gunfire. This warranty is conditioned upon Buyer furnishing satisfactory evidence that the merchandise, which may be defective has been properly maintained and correctly used and operated with the correct and proper ammo in use, under normal conditions with competent supervision and within the operating limits for which such merchandise is sold. This warranty will be voided by any abuse, misuse, negligence of required storage or maintenance procedures, or operation and use beyond specified design limits of the merchandise. Except as expressly stated in this warranty section, THROOM makes no warranty, express or implied, whether of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use or otherwise, with respect to any products.