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NEW Throom® Dueling Tree Kit (6 - 6" round plates, 6 brackets, 1 alpha)

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Due to increased demand, Dueling Tree Kits processing time is approximately 10-14 days. We are working hard to fill orders as quickly as possible. Our New Dueling Tree is both rimfire and centerfire ready! No need to keep two sets of plates as these 6" Round Dueling Tree Plates function with .22s, 9mm, 40 cal and 45s!THROOM’s NEW Self-Healing Rimfire/Centerfire Dueling Tree includes (6) 6" Dueling Tree Plates, (6) Self-Healing Dueling Tree Brackets with screws, (1) Alpha Stand Bracket Base and (1) Graded Ball Level to help with easy set up and angle positioning. All you have to do is add standard 2x4's to build a complete Dueling Tree that is lightweight, indoor and all-weather safe for use both at the indoor range or to be kept outside in any weather condition.THROOM’s 6" Dueling Tree Plates react and flip back and forth when hit leaving only a pin hole in the self-healing target plate. The plate stays put until your opponent hits it back to your side of the Dueling Tree. To use for quick competition: two shooters line up side by side with three plates on each side. The first shooter to hit all six targets to their opponents side, WINS!Bullets pass through the 6" Dueling Tree Plates, Dueling Tree Brackets and even the Alpha Stand Base because they are all made of SHOOT-THROO™, our tough, flexible, self-healing polymer. To mount a Dueling Tree Plate on its Dueling Tree Bracket, you simply snap it into place. Secure the Dueling Tree Brackets to your 2x4 stand with (4) wood screws provided.THROOM's Alpha Stand is an innovative target stand bracket that can be assembled in under a minute and is shoot through safe and ricochet free. This light weight bracket requires only two metal fasteners screwed through the polymer material and directly into the main beam of your dueling tree stand. It is simple and easy to transport your target stand to and from the range. Compatible with just about any length 2x4s (lumber sold separately) the Alpha Stand can be assembled any length from 2’ – 8’ long. Although, we recommend 5' long for the main beam of your THROOM Dueling Tree with 3" spacing between your Dueling Tree Brackets. (Full Assembly instructions included with your order). This fully customizable stand is super strong and ultra-durable so it can take the hits just like our THROOM Targets. If the Alpha Stand is hit the bullet will pass through the material leaving minimal damage and will not bounce back to the firing line as seen with other steel target stand bases and brackets. At 2 ½ lbs, the Alpha Stand is the safest, most lightweight and durable target stand on the market. THROOM’s Rimfire Dueling Tree weighs just 14 lbs!
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“At the end of one of the classes, we had a shooting competition using the rack of Throom® targets. Major fun, and my first time using them”

Richard Berry

“Love the durability and versatility of the targets. The people of Throom® Targets are amazing as well!”

Matthew Justin

“Loving my Throom® targets. Took them for a test run and let my grandsons shoot them. They were a big hit. Going to order more. Even put an “eye” in the duck.”

Harold Carter