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4" Round KNOCKDOWN™ Series

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The THROOM 4" KNOCKDOWN™ Reactive Target and the Pivot Base it mounts on are each sold separately. When mounted on the Pivot Base and hit, this 4" KNOCKDOWN THROOM Target reacts and falls over backwards. It stays down until you reset it manually or by pulling on a string. Bullets pass through the 4" KNOCKDOWN target and the Pivot Base because they are both made of SHOOT-THROO™, our tough, flexible, self-healing polymer.To mount a KNOCKDOWN target on its Pivot Base, you simply snap it into place. Then secure the Pivot Base to your softwood target stand with (4) wood screws or with (2) THROOM Nuts & Bolts. For a different experience with the KNOCKDOWN Series Targets, mount the KD upside down for swinging action and automatic reset or remove the target from the Base and hang from a wire.

Overall Dimensions

Starter Kit: 4" Diameter Target with 2" Attachment for KnockDown Base - 6.25"x4"x3"

Target Only: 4" Diameter Target with 2" Attachment for KnockDown Base - 5.5"x4"x.625"

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5 Star Ratings From Our Customers


“At the end of one of the classes, we had a shooting competition using the rack of Throom® targets. Major fun, and my first time using them”

Richard Berry

“Love the durability and versatility of the targets. The people of Throom® Targets are amazing as well!”

Matthew Justin

“Loving my Throom® targets. Took them for a test run and let my grandsons shoot them. They were a big hit. Going to order more. Even put an “eye” in the duck.”

Harold Carter