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22" Pepper Popper

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THROOM's KNOCKDOWN Reactive 22" Pepper Popper Target is sold separately here as a replacement target for the 22" Pepper-Popper THROOM Target Assembly. Each item on the Popper Target Assembly is sold separately as replacement parts — including this Target, the Pivot Base and your choice of either a Wood Base or an THROOM Polymer Base. When hit, this popper target reacts and falls over backwards. It stays down until you reset it manually or by pulling on a string, using the optional manual reset lifter. Bullets pass through the Popper Target, Pivot Base and THROOM™ Base because they are made of SHOOT-THROO™, our tough, self-healing polymer. To mount a Popper Target on its Pivot Base you simply snap it into place. The Pivot Base is attached to the Wood Base (or to the THROOM™ Base) with (4) long wood screws or with (2) THROOM Nuts & Bolts.

Overall Dimensions

Target Pivot & Throom Base: 24"x6"x5.5"

Target Pivot & Wood Base: 24"x7.5"x5" 

Target & Pivot: 24"x7"x3" 

Target Only: 24"x7"x3"

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5 Star Ratings From Our Customers


“At the end of one of the classes, we had a shooting competition using the rack of Throom® targets. Major fun, and my first time using them”

Richard Berry

“Love the durability and versatility of the targets. The people of Throom® Targets are amazing as well!”

Matthew Justin

“Loving my Throom® targets. Took them for a test run and let my grandsons shoot them. They were a big hit. Going to order more. Even put an “eye” in the duck.”

Harold Carter