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HANGTUFF® + Splatter Pack (3" + 6" Targets)

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The THROOM® HANGTUFF® + Splatter Targets Pack includes six targets. Three 3" HANGTUFF® Targets and three 6" HANGTUFF® Targets + (20) 6" Splatter Targets Stickers + (45) 3" Splatter Stickers! Everything you need for a fully reactive experience sold together!THROOM® HANGTUFF™ Targets hang down from your soft wood stand, tree branches or can be used with our Alpha Bracket Stand (Sold Separately). They attach easily with one or two wood screws, which are included. When hit, these targets flip around in all directions. Shoot any caliber at these HangTuff® Targets and watch them flip, snap back and swing. The splatter target stickers are easy to peel and stick and bold splatter makes it obvious when you have struck your target and precisely where, even when viewed from 50 yards away. Peel and replace for a completely clean target surface.The flexible strap is made of SHOOT-THROO™, the same self-healing material as the target so the target and strap and take the hits! Bullets pass through the polymer target and the strap. These HANGTUFF® Targets can also easily attach with wood staples or cable ties when wood screws are not permitted. The strap length is 6" on all HANGTUFF® Targets.Pack Includes:(3) 3" HangTuff® Targets(3) 6" HangTuff® Targets(5) Sheets of 6" Splatter Stickers(5) Sheets of 3" Splatter Stickers

Overall Dimensions

3" Diameter Target with 6" Strap - 3" Target - 9" L x 3" W

6" Diameter Target with 6" Strap - 6" Target - 12" L x 6" W

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5 Star Ratings From Our Customers


“At the end of one of the classes, we had a shooting competition using the rack of Throom® targets. Major fun, and my first time using them”

Richard Berry

“Love the durability and versatility of the targets. The people of Throom® Targets are amazing as well!”

Matthew Justin

“Loving my Throom® targets. Took them for a test run and let my grandsons shoot them. They were a big hit. Going to order more. Even put an “eye” in the duck.”

Harold Carter