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How does one mount and shoot THROOM™ Targets?

How does one mount and shoot THROOM™ Targets?

First, you need to know that with THROOM™ targets formerly, NEWBOLD targets you don’t try to hit a bulls-eye in the ten-ring. These self- healing targets react to your hits. THROOM™ reactive polymer targets are designed to provide shooters with a safer-than-steel, fun-to-shoot target alternative. They allow bullets to pass completely through the target without ricochet or lead-splatter thrown back toward the shooter or spectators.

Here’s how you mount and shoot them:

  • THROOM™ polymer targets are not designed to stop bullets. They are not bullet-proof. They are designed so that your bullets always pass through the targets intact. Your bullets should run through the target and continue on into a professionally-designed back-stop, earth berm, or bullet trap.
  • Mount THROOM™ Targets on softwood stands. Do not mount these targets on steel supports with steel bolts. Do not mount them on or near hardwoods, rocks or any other hard objects that might cause ricochet or bullet splatter back to shooters and bystanders
  • Set them up so that your shots run through the target head-on and safely into your backstop or earthen berm. Firing at very steep angles into these targets can cause bullets to deflect at that same steep angle off the target.
  • We do not recommend that you fire down at any of these targets from a high or standing position when they are sitting on the ground. This high shooting angle can cause your bullets to bounce off of hard-packed earth and possibly jump over the bullet backstop or earth berm.
  • For best results, we recommend that you shoot roundnose FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) or lead roundnose handgun ammo. .22 roundnose leave less than a pinhole. .40s and semi-wad .45s often leave a small pinhole through the target. .38 supers and hollow-points can also be used whenever you want them to pass through the target, but they will leave small cookie-cuts through the target.
  • .50-Cal. bullets, .308s and spire point .223s leave less than a pin-hole in our targets. For best results, because these bullets move so fast through our polymer targets, we recommend that you place THROOM targets out at 50 to 150 yards or more to get good target reaction to your hits. But be warned that these bullets move so fast through our polymer targets that there is little to no movement observed on the target at close range — even if you have it standing up on one of our accessory support bases. Our smallest targets work best with rifle ammo inside of 50 yards.
  • Don’t shoot B-Bs or pellets at these targets—B-Bs and pellets bounce right back to the shooter. For bullets to pass through, you need to use any caliber roundnose FMJ handgun ammo from .22 Throo .45 with a velocity of 750 feet per second or greater.
  • Wear proper Eyewear and Hearing Protection at all times.
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