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Which targets should I use for military and law enforcement training?

Our most popular targets for military and law enforcement are 22” and 42” Pepper-Poppers, also, BOUNCEBACK™ Series™ and KNOCKDOWN™ Series Rounds and Squares in different sizes and colors. To improve reaction time, trainers direct the shooter’s eye by calling-out the next target to shoot with its size and shape (for example, Small!.., Round!!..) Trainers hang our KNOCKDOWN™ Series Targets upside-down (without the base). They run a cable or a wooden dowel through the "tube" at the bottom of the KNOCKDOWN™ Target- so the target hangs down and flips up when hit. In-close walk-throughs and run-throughs can be set up with BOUNCEBACK Series targets so that trainees can shoot THROOM targets up-close, completely off of wooden posts or small wood stands without bullet splatter or ricochet. These targets add action and help to hold shooters’ interest.

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