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Can I shoot THROOM™ targets with both handgun and rifle ammo?

Yes you can. Use any caliber handgun ammo from .22s Throo .45s. and any caliber rifle ammo from .223, Throo 50 Cal. .308, .30-06 and 50 Cal. hits leave just a pinhole through THROOM™ targets. Optimum bullet velocity typically ranges from 750 fps (feet per second) to 1,250 fps. With handgun ammo you can shoot THROOM™ targets close up on a softwood target stand within 5 to 10-feet or out at 15 to 50-yards. Rifle ammo runs much faster than handgun ammo, so for rifle ammo, it’s best to set THROOM™ targets at 50 to 150 yards or more in order to get good target reaction to your hits. Some soft tip hunting rounds will make a small entrance hole in the front and a larger exit hole out the back.

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