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Can I make my own target stand?

Yes, however we recommend that THROOM™ targets should be mounted on wood stands and posts made of soft pinewood. They should be mounted at least 24” up from the ground or at least high enough so that your bullets travel directly through the target(s) and into your bullet catcher, backstop or earthen berm. We do not recommend that you shoot THROOM™ targets when they are sitting on the ground, or when they are mounted on steel stands or stands, posts, blocks or any type of target stand or support made of anything harder than soft pinewood. We do suggest that you set up your target range so that your bullets pass through THROOM™ targets, through the target support(s), that is, soft pinewood, and into a suitable target backstop or earthen berm. When THROOM™ targets are set up this way, there will be no bullet ricochet or bullet splatter sent back to the shooter.

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